Magical Girls Run the World EP

by MGC

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This EP was originally released with AUDMONSTERS on January 30, 2015. We are re-releasing it through our own bandcamp for all of you magical creatures.

You can find us all over the internet


released January 30, 2015

Production and instrumentals by Ouji
instagram: @oujioujiouji

Vocals by juliustherobot
Instagram: @juliustherobot

Guest Producers
Instagram: @gameraakagmra



all rights reserved



MGC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hello,we are MGC

We're an EDM and hip hop duo composed of a Magical Girl android, Julius the Robot, and a runaway alien producer, OUJI.

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Track Name: Magical Rap Attack ✦
Magical girl can rap
So, what you think of that?
I don’t know man, you think you can defeat me?
I don’t know dude—Hipsterloli’s on the beat
Catch us thriving on that moon POWER
In the middle of the night is our fighting hour
Traveling through the internet cyber space
Looking for that next fucking awful trend to hate

But it’s all good, magical girls and boys
We’re weird, you’re cool? We’re strangers
Got that magic just like glitter
Making basic bitches look REAL bitter
Magical girls run the world x4

…”And magical boys too! hehe”

Yeah, we’re a little weird
We’re a little strange
But we’re from outerspace
So that makes it okay
We just want fight for that truth and love
That keeps us so connected to the stars above

Magical girls for life

You don’t have to like us
Bet you want to be us
Hold on, the illuminati sees us?

Yep, we’re a little weird
And we’re a little late
We’re in your heads
And We sparkle on the hate
spspsparkle on the hate x4

Sparkle on the haaatteeee
Track Name: Glitch Queen ✦
Toss that Hatsune Miku in a trash bin
I am the one programers hate to mention
So I find it funny that they think they can win
Julius the robot and this Ouji kid
They came in the game thinking they could play
Well I am the villain and their in my way
So I’ll be the sickest bitch they have ever met
I’ll be the final boss of the internet
Why? Has no one told them yet?
I am the virus the pc-checker left
I can be anyone, anywhere, anything
All I need is a connection
You hear that sound like bloo-bloo-bleep
I can corrupt this military fleet
Don’t fuck with me I am the BEAST
Burning out these motherboards, just like geeks haha!

(Release the trojan horses, hijack her interface browser, make these
worms polymorphic—I don’t want the robot girl getting passed my
encryption! I want her harddrive on my motherfucking plate I WANT IT NOW)

Bit by bit, I’ll eat her system up
Sipping on all the data I corrupt
But all these ones and all these fucking zeroes
Never quite seem to be enough
So I’ve set my sights on world domination
And it all begins with her annhilation!
Track Name: Magical Girls Can Trap ✦
Baitin’ these hoes
But these hoes ain’t bitin’
Cuz they know that I will eat’em up like a titan
Chew em up and spit em out, just like I like them (YUM!)
Ouji will be king with all this gold That I’m writing
So you think you’re cute with your wigs and your bows
I’ve got more style than those pastel panty hose
I’m just a cartoon, but I’m building up a monarchy
To invade the hearts of otaku patriarchy
If you think I’m joking
Just you fucking wait and see
I am coming for the crown
You know that shit belongs to me
And you think you’re cool just because you like smokin on that weed?
Then take a another hit of our magic girl thuggery
Ouji-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *cough cough*

Listen up, this is Queen Bee speaking
Giving you permission to blast this shit on the weekend
You won’t be the only one jamming to these magic beats
You can either glitter up or you can take a fucking seat
Why even bother when our whole crew is fucking glittery
Transformed, hair up, eyes all shimmery
We will fucking run the world and defeat all these enemies
And haters keep on thinking that you can defeat the mgceeeeee

Track Name: Kawaii Streets ✦
Here I go again daydreaming of godless streets
Where all the harajuku kings and queens are standing next to me
Maybe even me and Kyary can go out for smoothie drinks
Winking, with our hair bows high and our phones bbbbeepin

Those streets where the hair dye flows out so freely
All those Pinks, blues, and greens yeah, you know they got me geeking
Ouji sama is my king and I hope you know that I am proud
We are coming for the top, and we will wear those golden crowns
I guess I’m just gonna have to tell them like it is then

Kawaii gang for life
Yeah, that’s how we live it
Two tone wigs, decoden nail wishes
This is for my pretty Mahou kei bbbitches
Girl,you know you’re magical
Ignore those lame ass disses
Accessorize that dress just just how you want it
I can see you puttin in the work
So go and flaunt it

She got that bodyline and kandi linings in her closet
Saw it on the internet so she went out and fucking bought it
Maybe even she will be as magical as Sailor Moon
Warding off evil that is lurking just outside her room

I've been waiting all year to shout out to the pretties
sipping on that glitter acid in all these different cities
Yeah you know we winning and I hope you that you say it loud
We are coming for the top and we are never coming down

Magical girls for life


Kawaii gang for life
Yeah, that’s how we live it
Bat wing bows, creepy cute little stitches
This is for my pretty goth lolita bbbitches
Girl, you know you're magical
Ignore those lame ass disses
Accerorize that pretty dress just how you want it
I can see you putting in the work
So go and flaunt it
Track Name: Internet Kids ✦
So we came out of cyberspace
With couple new friends
And they're way cooler than your head full of dead ends
Shout out to milkpuzzle and our pretty boy cake4queen


While we're following these lame ass trends like barbarians
and chewing on this data like picky vegetarians
Armed with an internet connection and an LCD
We're gonna bring the realness better than you've ever seen

Fuck a real life friend when they're actin like they know me
They're just mad cuz they've nothing left to show me
So we'll stop talkin and you'll keep on walkin but just so you know
this magical girl hustle just ain't stoppin

Oh?! does it hurt to know?
My hvy blk heart beats 210,
Waving to the foes from that spiritwave I'm ridin
Go head and just quit cuz all our shit is fucking dooope~

All our shit is dope

Oujisama a a a a a

We are the internet kids
We come in pieces
If you came here to judge us
No one else in here can be us

We are the internet kids
We come in pieces
If you came here to judge us
You're just mad that you can't meet us

I've been leading double lives since the age of 12
Navigating on those circuit boards like I made that shit myself
Pushing out the information like a currency
But password protecting all the best secrets from my enemies

Samurai Black come and punch me in the mouth!
We can share those pistol kisses while we blow their fucking brains out!
Hi tek lo lives on the rise and we're signing in
Being all about yourself's the best revenge

Who needs friends when you sit around
Making all the illest shit they say they got out of the lost found
When really they stole all their shit from you
If being original makes you lame, I lose!
But that's cool, cuz with my magical crew
We run this whole goddamn world with nothing to lose
and we're gonna do it all with a simple click click click BOOM

juliustherobot and oujisama signing in
And we're never logging out hahah

Everybody clap your haaaaaands

We are the internet kids
We come in pieces
If you came here to judge us
No one else in here can be us

We are the internet kids
We come in pieces
If you came here to judge us
You're just mad that you can't meet us

Magical girls run the world
And magical boys too
Track Name: ★彡Mrs. Robotnik (Gamera x juliustherobot)
Riding on that spiritwave
I'm Mrs. Robotnik
I make humans vomit~
Candy on my wrist
You can call me willy wonka
Inhale on this glitter
Like that internet ganja


Let me paint a picture

The devil wears lolita
But her brand isn't everything
Just look at all this quality
I'm your new worst enemy~


I think I'm rather funny
But you don't even know me oh honey, honey, honey
Shouldn't you consider that
Inside of this calamity
You're dream is just a fantasy

All your base belong to me!


Yeah, you'll be sad you missed it
If you can't take the hint
You'll just have to take these disses

Now, give my ring some kisses
You're dealing with the data queen
Blasting all these haters
with my motherfucking phaser beam


Pretty boy Gamera on the beat
juliustherobot signing out
Track Name: ★彡Cold Like Metal (Sinyk x juliustherobot)
Come with me my dear
and I'll show you how
Take my hand
And I'll lay you down
Just don't get lost
Cuz you won't be found
My love is empty
Just like our vows

Just take it off for me
Your eyes don't see the real me
This little lie is ending
The truth is that I'm deadly

Cold like metal
My heart is beating
My knife inside you
And all this bleeding
Your eyes are open
and the sirens are singing
The chorus of my evil scheming

This is the end

Just take it off for me
Your eyes don't see the real me
This little lie is ending
The truth is that I'm deadly

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